Last week I got to spend some time with an old friend as he was passing through town. Garrett Schlosser is a SoulCycle instructor on his way to open a new location in Washington DC. In the midst of his cross-country journey, Garrett sportingly agreed to come into the studio for a quick portrait session. The results were fantastic! Garrett allowed me to utilize some lighting techniques that I've been practicing over the summer and, with a face like his, it wasn't hard to create a few portfolio-worthy images. 

Best of luck to this guy as he helps put SoulCycle DC on the map! Can't wait to hang out again over the holidays. 



It's been a while since I've been able to work on any personal projects. Last Friday, I had the pleasure of photographing Rebecca Cooper (a very talented Utah Yogi) in the Avenues Yoga Studio. The light in this space is quite beautiful and, with the addition of a single continuous FloLight, I was able to experiment with different lighting patterns as Rebecca showed off her skills. 


Here's a little photo experiment I did in the studio recently. It's hard to put my finger on why I like this picture; there's something a little cheesy and creepy and beautiful about it. It's not an A+ (or even a B+) image but it's inspired me to think about how I might utilize similar techniques in the future. 


Recently, I was hired to be the photographer for The Front Climbing Club in Salt Lake City. It's a fairly new gig but I'm already having so much fun! Here are a few images that I've worked on so far:


After a week-long adventure in Joe's Valley, our Chicago friends were still crushing when I met up with them on Saturday. Now that they're gone, I'm already looking forward to the next time we can meet up for more adventures! 


A few friends flew into town this week for a long trip in Joe's Valley Utah. Haven't seen any of these guys since Megan and I left Chicago almost a year ago. It's been great hanging out, climbing, and talking about things way too deep for a bunch of climber dudes and dudalinas. 


After a long day of climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon, I ran to the top of the "Secret Garden" boulders to snap this image of the sun setting over the city of Sandy, here in Utah. I was a little late getting up there; moments before arriving at the crag, the sky was fiery red. Luckily, there was still quite a bit of color behind the mountains as I set up my shot. I'll definitely be returning to this spot for sunset pics in the future. 


A few weeks ago, I made it out to Joe's Valley with a few friends. Climbing conditions were pretty unusual (snowing one minute and then sunny the next). We had a great time though and I was able to fire off a few nice pics using my 80-200mm lens. You can see more images from the trip here: google+


Recently, I had an opportunity to go behind the scenes and photograph the Dinamik Comp held at the Front Climbing Club in Salt Lake City. The shooting conditions were difficult but it gave me an opportunity to see how my new Nikon d800 performs in low light situations. I'm excited to say, that at ISO 2000, the pictures came out looking so crispy!